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November 08, 2013

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An academic research paper contains a literature review as one of its content. The literature section in a research paper is used as a foundation and as support for a new insight that you contribute.

Tips on writing a literature research paper

Conduct a thorough research

Literature research topics are challenging because each topic has a different approach which students should use. In writing an exemplary literature research paper you need to do a thorough research to get to the roots of the answer. For instance when writing about a poetic book, you will need to read the book thoroughly, understand it well and be able to interpret in the context of that research topic

Read a lot of books

Find a variety of sources that are helpful and from which you can get information regarding your topic. By reading a lot of books, you will understand what you are to write about and be able to choose the right topic.

Have a strong thesis

From the books you have read you are now good to go with an appropriate topic. Choose a topic that you are clearly comfortable and from which you derive a thesis that you can exhaust on.

Gather strong evidence

The points you draw out should be explained in details and prove them by providing strong evidence that you gathered when doing your research. At least each point should have its answer make it perfect such that your audience feels that you have done some good work on them.

Follow the standard writing procedures

Sentence structure

Use well structured sentences in writing. Ensure they are not too long and that from it valuable information is picked.


Follow the normal elements of an academic paper. Your literature research paper should contain the introduction, body and conclusion element .begin your introduction with a captivating sentence and give the general background of your topic. Make it brief and interesting.

The body paragraph is always the longest. Here you give detailed information explaining each point in a different paragraph. The conclusion should give a summary of your points and your opinion.

Literature research paper topics

Literary topics always require much keen when choosing. You may be provided by a topic by your professor that way you have to keenly follow the instructions to avoid doing irrelevant work. In some instances too students come up with their own topics. When coming up with your own topic, know exactly what you want to write on and narrow down to it.

Literary topics are written mostly according to the work of the Shakespeare, for instance hamlet research paper topics

  • Can you consider hamlet as a tragic hero
  • What is the role of hamlet in the book and how does it help to the audience
  • Discuss the revenge in hamlet

British literature research paper topics according to the work of William Shakespeare book

  • Discuss the role of women in the play
  • A look at the ornamentation of language in classical literature
  • Fall of tragic hero in Elizabethan dramas

American literature research topics

These literature topics involve the works of the American professors.

  • Social class in America
  • Nationalism vs. romanticism
  • Renaissance in America