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November 18, 2013

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Writing The Literature Review

Literature review can be defined as the process that entails reading, evaluating, analyzing as well as summarizing about a topic for school matters. This is an evaluative and critical summarization of the arguments and themes of a certain topic. The compilation or the list of the said materials can be a part of a thesis, research papers or even grant proposal. This part must be written properly because it is an integral part of most academic papers. The sample literature review paper can be found online. This can be very helpful for anyone writing it.

Requirements in Writing

In writing a literature review, it is important to remember that it is divided into two processes. The first is it involves searching resources and materials and the other is writing it.

When you browse some literature review samples, you will see that such kind is not a descriptive list of an article or bibliography. The sources must not be itemized in detailed. Here are other things that you must note of:

a. Determine how many sources must be included.

b. What are the types of the sources that should be used?

c. See whether there will be a need to summarize, synthesize or critique the resources.

d. Determine if you need to evaluate the sources.

e. Check if there will be a need to site subheadings.

Finding a well written sample literature review on the web or in the library can help. It must be something that is related or similar to your topic. By doing such, you will be able you can fully grasp the idea on how to properly make your own.

Other Tips in Writing

In writing literature reviews, it is always best that you will always focus on your topic and nothing else. The literature review is written so as to cover all the research for a particular topic. Thus, when the topic is too wide, a lot of materials are also needed so as to cover it all.

When you read, always read with your real purpose. The purpose is to isolate the issues related on your research. This is even though, summarizing the sources is required. A good literature review sample can clearly show what this means.

Searching for Templates

Of course, just like any other resources, the internet can be a good place to search for literature review outline template. There are many sites that offer such pattern so as to help people to write their own literature review in the best and fastest way.

Order Literature Review

There are many people who are still not able to make their own literature review. They are still looking to answer the question: “what is literature review in research?”. In that case, there are still other things that can be done. Aside from searching from templates, there are also reputable companies that offer assistance to write one. It simply means that you will need to order or buy literature review from them. By ordering, they can ensure that the paper will truly meet your needs as it is customized on your preference.