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September 11, 2013

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A personal statement is a brief and focused article about one's research or career goals, and is commonly required for applicants to universities, colleges, graduate, post-graduate and professional schools. It may at the same time be one of the essays that will frustrate you and block your applications to the university or any professional school.

With the topic you choose for your personal statement your readers must be able to know you from what you are writing, guess your character and personality as a student you carry through your personal statement. It’s the opportunity to inform them about your academic qualifications.

There is no exact way to write a personal statement that you are sure everybody will love. The people you are writing to have got their own expectations which you should first consider before writing.

  • Provision of evidence of achievements though your essay. When writing a personal statement you have to find the way to provide significant evidence of your achievements that hasn’t yet been reflected in other parts of your application
  • Detailed information on how the events and experiences you have had shaped your attitude, life values, and, most of all, your intellectual vitality

Here is a help on personal statement writing.

To have a great personal statement you need to know how to express yourself well through writing. It is learnt you cannot wake up and within few hours convince yourself that the personal statement is going to be loved by the readers.

What Is Personal Statement Writing?

A personal statement is the one which determines whether to secure a position in one of the best universities you have ever dreamt of. It is therefore a best opportunity to express you to the readers. Before jumping into writing take time to think about the best points to write about you. Its no need to lie this is a very crucial paper and readers too also keen when reading. They will definitely get you somewhere your experiences don’t match, be honest. Don’t portray your character with much hypocrisy the readers are intelligent to know something is wrong. Give your best and important experiences you have ever heard in your life.

Search yourself and write briefly on the personal statement. Talk everything about yourself in very few words. The length does not matter send the message across clearly such that no one can take few minutes still thinking about what you have written. Just be clear and specific. Avoid skirting your points around.

Describe your strength and weakest points. Your achievements also in the same line what you have achieved in the past how the university will help you achieve some of your future goals. Let someone have an idea guess your character and even make a fantasy of how you physically look like. With a good personal statement readers may add up guessing your goals and character traits because you have given them a clear picture of who you are.

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