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December 03, 2013

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Most students always assume that process essays are hard to create, well for most of them; few people know what they are to start with let alone understand the steps taken involved in writing a process essay. In simple terms, a process essays is a “how to essay”, it explains the steps involved in a particular process that ends up in completion and achievement of a desired result. It comprises steps to be taken, when a lecturer requires their students to create a process essay, they expect them to come up with a certain way of doing something such as a cooking recipe, a construction project.

Learning to create process essays

Learning is an interactive process, for one to fully master how to create these delicate essays, they should always start by tackling lots and lots of process essay examples, this can easily be gotten from their fellow schoolmates or classmates that have tackled the course earlier. They really provide all information relating to the creation of the perfect documents, they act as a single source of information, a one stop source of the right information and can easily replicate the information but they must take care not to duplicate the document as it would amount to plagiarism. The internet is a favorite source of information where one can find anything from their favorite search engine. One may look up for popular examples of a process essay and try to customize it to suit their own. This option ideally fits those students that are unable to acquire documents from their colleagues which they can use as case studies.

Steps in creating a perfect process essay

Picking from any process essay example that I have come across, it is clear to see that one must include the steps in their essay. Right from the first step whether complex or simple, one must be sure to include every step to avoid confusing or misinforming their reader. Even the most basic process essay outline, every step must be as descriptive as should be leaving out no detail.

Creating the process essay

The student has to brainstorm; there is really no replacement for this and it is the beginning of them creating their essays whether from scratch or guided by some process essay samples.

  1. Divide a paper into two sections labeling one “materials” and the other “steps”. This helps to easily pick out and differentiate where each item should be placed.
  2. Identify every item and every step involved never minding the ordering but simply writing them down on the two columns. Pick out every item that should be in the list, it is of paramount importance.
  3. The dirty work begins when one has to number their work. This involves identifying which process comes before which and the ones that succeed it. This step may not be provided for by most the most common process essay example. This section involves thinking and use of one’s knowledge on the matter at hand. One must clearly understand the process in and out so as to succeed in this section.
  4. After ordering the items in a particular way, one moves to the next stage that involves writing out an outline. It is basic and will give them what the final document will look like. What I have come to learn from most examples of process essays, is that if neatly done, it reduces ones work on the final document so one ought to be careful and ensure that they do not skip a single part or leave anything that was scribbled earlier out.
  5. In the first paragraph, one must include the materials that they will need; one must also be specific of the quantity or the amount.
  6. Looking at any example of a process essay, a student would clearly see that the other paragraphs will contain the steps aimed at achieving the results of a particular process.
  7. It is proper to explain how the end product will look like or even feel like. This will assist the reader of the essay that they have been able to achieve the desired result.

The student while preparing a process essay should consider the following:

  • The importance of the process that they are trying to explain. This was clearly pointed out by any process essay sample that I have read.
  • The people affected by that particular process.
  • Other alternatives at achieving the same result.
  • Who are the readers of their document and what information do they already possess.
  • The skills and equipment required for the process.
  • The length of time taken by the process and the outcome every time.
  • The importance of each step.
  • The difficulties of every step and how they can be overcome.
  • Any similar processes that their reader may already be familiar with, this will greatly aid in understanding the process.

One should be keen to understand the entire process of creating these documents, reading from many sample process essay will not tackle the essay for the student, and they should merely use these example of process essay to learn how to write up good material and to guide them in the proper creation.