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December 02, 2013

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Reflection Paper: What Is It and how To Write It?

Reflection papers are one of the many writing assignments. This type of writing must be written in a more personal way. It talks about the student’s feelings, reactions and analysis of a lecture, reading or even an experience. When you are writing such kind of paper, you must remember that it requires three things. It must have a formal introduction, well written and structured content and must end with a formal conclusion. A good way to get started is to search for a sample reflection paper. This can quickly be found on the web.

A well written reflection paper example can either be downloadable or already published from a reputable site. Of course, there are many sites offering such samples. Yet, to ensure that it is written well, only trust the sites that are renowned in writing such.

Here are the tips that you can use while making your own reflection paper examples:

a. Write with your thoughts and reactions

Writing your thoughts, reactions and own point of view to your reaction paper is a must. This can be based on what you have read and later on, explain it. In addition, the use of a reaction paper is also likely to make an analysis on what you have read. Even though you will be writing based on your own experience, never forget to write straight to the point. This is something that you can learn once you first check a good example of reflection paper before writing your own. Also, though you will be writing as per your personal encounter, it is still ideal to base the paper on the subject assigned to you.

b. Though organization

     Before you begin your writing, it is best that all of your thoughts are organized. This can ensure that what you will write will be worth to read. Moreover, you can ensure that your paper will not have obscure meaning to your readers. The introduction should have the expectations that your readers can anticipate to get when they read the body. The body of the paper must have a detailed explanation why you will come up to your conclusion. As with the conclusion, you have to summarize the things you got from the reading. All of such can be seen in a reflection paper sample.

c. Never write a summary

This is not a sort of a summary report. Remember that the person that assigned this paper for you is asking you to reflect on an experience or a reading. Thus, summarizing it is not the same thing. By checking online, a good example of a reflection paper can be obtained that can help a person to write a good one.