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January 13, 2014

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Formatting a research paper

Proper formatting of a research paper contributes a lot to getting high grades. The examiners are very keen to look at simple mistakes that students make. A research paper involves a lot of rules and guidelines when writing. It is therefore very important to properly format your paper before submission.

Research paper formatting and tips on correct formatting

The order of the research paper should be maintained i.e. the title page, abstract, outline, main body, conclusion, reference page etc. format for research papers is different according to the examiners instructions. There is APA, MLA and other guidelines students follow.


A research paper is white in color and should be written on one side of the page only. Most preferable standard sizes of the paper, 12 pt, double space and use Arial or new times roman type of font.


Margins should be left at the right, left top and bottom sides of every page. This helps to promote neatness.

Title page

The title page should contain the title of the research paper, name of the author, title of the course and date. Here is an example of what should be done.

Societal differences in America

Professor Jake Jones

Sarah jasmine

15th august 2013


The abstract part should take its own page. It should follow right after the title page. Make it brief close to 100-200 words. State the main idea of your research paper and the points you are to discuss in the body paragraph. Center the word abstract then start your paragraph.

The outline

Your research paper outline contains the sections and chapters in your research paper. You always write an outline when doing a research. New points gathered should be included in your draft which you will use to write in your outline. We have a variety of research paper outline formats which students can use. A topic outline and a sentence outline. A topic outline is short and is used when you need to put a lot of information regarding issues discussed in your paper. A sentence outline is written in full sentences and mainly focuses on complex topics. Here is an example of a research outline

Research paper outline format









The introduction

This is the first paragraph and should contain the main points to be discussed in the body paragraph. Make your introductory paragraph catchy and brief. The last sentence should be the thesis statement.

Main body paragraph

All the points stated in the introductory paragraph are fully discussed at this level. The main body may consist of other paragraphs since each point takes its own paragraph.

The conclusion

Give a summary of what has been discussed in the earlier paragraphs and give your opinion. Do not digress away and write new information.

The reference page

This is the page that contains all your sources used to compile all the information in your paper. State the authors work, book and date of publication in alphabetical order.

How do you quote the authors in your research paper?

Start with the author’s surname, year of publication and the page number to be in brackets. The body of the text and should have double quotation marks around them.

Page and paragraph numbering

Page numbering should be done consecutively at the top-right hand corner. Page numbers should be written in Arabic numerals simply without adding anything to it such an asterisk or hyphen.

The paragraphs should be detailed and not too lengthy. In the body paragraph create additional paragraphs for explaining your points.

From the above tips format for research paper will be more easy and time saving. There are a variety of sample research paper formats in academic book guides and online. From the various kinds of format you can use to write informative research paper topics.