Research paper rubric

December 06, 2013

Content blog research paper rubric

Rubric research paper is a sheet which contains different criteria used by examiners to grade student’s research papers. In order to score well in the rubric for research papers you need to have the positive mind and dedicate yourself to your research papers. A rubric for research paper contains criteria that are used to cross check if the students have followed the instructions when writing. In some cases students research papers are unacceptable due to inadequate provision of information thus being unable to fit that specific criteria appropriately.

We have a variety of rubric research papers according to the academic level of students with different criteria .For instance we have high school rubric paper research, research paper rubric for college, and research paper middle school among others. Every student’s research paper must be cross checked with a research paper rubric. The following are criteria found in a rubric research paper

  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Organization of your research paper
  • Feel
  • Tone
  • structure
  • word choice
  • grammar spellings
  • length


Students whose research earns exemplary mark state an already acceptable and well known purpose to the audience. You have identified the right purpose for your audience and just stated what they expected. When your purpose is stated but somewhere in your research paper your ideas digress from it, expect a good from your examiners.

To avoid getting unacceptable or average grades ensure you state your purpose and be consistent throughout when explaining your arguments.


Organization includes proper structure and orderliness of your research paper. For instance using a consistent type of font and numbering style is important. Good arrangement of paragraphs and well put ideas that are connecting with the reader counts a lot. With proper organization of your ideas your paper will right away gain that exemplary mark. Avoid inconsistency, poor arrangement of paragraphs and sentences that are not flowing.


Do a comprehensive research on your research topic that your audience may look at and see as valuable. Your content should be detailed enough such that your audience should be able to grasp valuable and new information provided by you.


Your writing should automatically capture the reader’s thoughts. Its your opportunity to capture the readers interest into reading .That way you have set a good mood for your readers to continue reading up to the end.


This criterion requires the use a consistent tone matches all academic papers. Readers, from your tone should be able to know whether you handled your paper professionally or not. An exemplary mark is given where you present your academic paper with the seriousness it deserves.

Inconsistency in your tone will instantly turn off the readers and the examiner therefore your research paper becomes unacceptable.

Sentence structure

Sentences should not be too length, informative and well structured. They should flow from one to the other connecting ideas in a way that can be understood by the readers. Poor sentence structure makes your paper unacceptable and not even worth reading.

Word choice

Use the right words in your sentences. Adding irrelevant words may just make your research academic paper loose it’s meaning thus unacceptable.

Grammatical errors

Do a thorough revision and proofread several times to get rid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and irrelevant sentences. This is a criterion that will never miss in any research paper rubric. The examiners look keenly for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other wrong use of words. An exemplary paper has no any grammatical errors in it


The length of the research paper should be as per the instructions from the lecturer. Do not try to make them more otherwise your paper may end up in the unacceptable list.

Use of references and quality

Your list of references for your research paper should attribute to clear and legitimate sources. The sources used should be clearly stated, do not assume that examiners will just read through and give you a mark. Some examiners go to look for the sources to see if you truly did a research.

Formatting rules

Formatting of your research paper is mandatory. The most formatting edition of APA is commonly used by students. Ensure you follow APA rules to the latter to get an exemplary pass. If format is not recognizable as APA your research paper becomes unacceptable.