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December 09, 2013

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All About Research Papers

Writing a research paper could be one of the toughest challenges which a student will encounter in school. As we all know, there are some learners that are really good with school matters but not in writing. Writing a research paper is not all about writing, the students are also required to conduct research. It can be said that technology is a gift, however, due to its accessibility, it is very important for all students to know that not everything found online are reliable. There are of course some of those which are without proof. There is still the option though of using the real books as sources but diligence should be exercised as well since them may no longer be up to date.

Some students that are writing their research paper for the first time would normally look for some research paper examples. They will measure themselves if their skills can accommodate such challenging task. They will even look for some effective templates for research papers to know how complicated the assignment is.

The Formats For Research Paper Writing

There are three common research paper templates which the professors will usually prefer; those are the MLA, Chicago Manual Style and APA. In writing the research paper, the format being used should be maintained in the entire research paper. Having these formats as guide is very important especially against plagiarism.

  • APA – it is also known as American Psychological Association. This template for research paper commonly used for research papers that are related to social science.
  • MLA – it is also referred to as Modern Language Association. This research paper template generally used in research papers that are within humanities and the liberal arts.
  • CMS – also known as Chicago Manual Style. It is also referred to as the editor’s bible because of its usage in connection to the usage, grammar, and documentation. Others are also familiar in it as the Turabian Style.

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