Research Proposal Format

December 31, 2013

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A research proposal is one of the most common writings that you will encounter in your college life. It is therefore very important for you to know how to research proposal papers. It should be divided into parts in which you can follow specific guidelines in executing and come up with the expected results.

The research proposal format should have the following guidelines.

The title

You should think of the title you are expected to write. It should be a topic that reflects your research question in full. It should be at least twenty words and should include the key words that re needed. The topic should be clear and not ambiguous. The reader should fully comprehend the topic without having to read more in the body for them to know whether you are able to capture the question.

Write a brief summary

A brief research proposal summary is very crucial in your writing. The summary clearly indicates why your research proposal, the purpose of your writing, and how you are going to take your project. The summary provides you with an overview of what is expected of you in your writing and how long it might also take you to get the work done. It also pin points some of the areas that you need to pay attention to and how you will get the work done.

The Research Proposal Guidelines;

The research proposal outline should help you achieve the following;

  • Determine your aim and the background information you need. It also lets you look at the literature review part of your writing which is also important.
  • Have a look at the research project. The guidelines help you to look at how significant your project is, how you will tackle the main issue in your project, your main plan in writing the project and how original your project will be.
  • The reference list. This is a publication of the listed sources of the literature derived.
  • The format of a research proposal should help you derive the following at length;
  • Describing your aims, background and research project

For you to achieve much in your writing, you need to start right for the beginning. This is by coming up with the purpose of your project and what you would like to achieve in your writing. The important thing is to address the main problem and deriving the significance of the project. The purpose will be seen in the topic you select for your writing. You can phrase the topic as a question that you will aim at answering in your progressive writing.

It is important for you to come up with the background and the literature review. The two kinds of information help the reader to understand the significance of your work. It also helps the reader to understand the originality of your writing and therefore justify the significance of the project. You also need to reveal the methodology research proposal of your writing. It is possible that there is a similar writing that is very close to your work. You can let the reader know how similar your work is to that particular research and also explain why you chose that particular method in your work.