January 23, 2014

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How to Write an Argumentative Speech

This is where a person expresses their thoughts or opinions over a particular thing or idea. The speaker wishes to express an opinion over a particular subject or topic that is controversial in nature. Therefore in written speeches, the author aims at expressing opinions over a particular subject in a way that they can pursued the audience to change their opinions and follow the speaker. Therefore in this writing, one aims at showing a different side of a particular thing and sensitively showing the positive side of the subject to the audience

In the argumentative speech the speaker makes his opinions to stand out by being firm on what they know and what they wish the audience to get. It does not matter how controversial their stand is in deriving the opinion. The speaker has to make sure that they are not swayed in their expressions and are persuasive enough to make sure that you are able to persuade the audience to see the perspective you have in mind. For instance looking at some of the informative speech topics examples are;

Health- taking coffee is more beneficial than taking tea

Education- the exams are not important if you are able to understand what you are examined in.

Social- it is not a must for one to get married

The speaker has to come up with a persuade speech that clearly shows that they not only understand the concept and the topic of interest but also being able to show that their opinion is the best approach to the controversial subject. The speaker has to let the audience see why their opinion is better than their opinion or the generally accepted way of doing things. He or she must show the audience that in following their opinion they are able to enjoy or benefit more than in following their opinion in regard to the controversial subject. The following are some of the instructions that you should keep in mind in your writing.

  • Like any other writing that you are supposed to write in your informative speeches for college students, you should start by picking a topic of your interest. Now this is very crucial as you must think of a topic that you can argue about. You have to look at the topic and decide which side you are going to base your argument. Pick a topic that is controversial in nature and let the audience hear you argue that the tea is black and not brown or the clouds are blue and the sky is white.
  • Once you have picked the topic of interest, you need to stand firm on which side you will base your arguments so as to make good informative speeches. Therefore after your informative speech introduction, let the audience know which side you are basing your argument in. you should make sure that your side gets the credit you are aspiring for despite the fact that both sides of the arguments will have their own advantages.
  • You need to be as informed as possible in the topic you are basing your argument in. therefore it is very crucial that you study and explore your topic as much as you can. In order to avoid repetition of some of the points that you have in your speech, you need to gather as many as much information as you write a speech.
  • Well, once you have prepared your points and you are ready to put your points across, you have to think of the audience. You have to think of how you will keep your audience listening and entertained by your informative speeches. This means that right from the start; you have to think of how to capture their attention on the introductory remarks. You can achieve this by making a very informative and interesting introduction.
  • What will persuade your audience into grasping your opinion and going with it is the kind of information you will feed them. You need to be convinced of your gospel and better still you need to have your facts ready to convince the audience.
  • You need to stand firm in your argumentative speeches. Be clear on what you are saying and back it up with solid information and facts.
  • The closure is very important in writing an informative speech as it is where you leave the audience entertained while at the same time convinced of your argument. Repeat the main points to affirm their conviction and answer all their questions.