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December 23, 2013

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Technology As Topic For Your Research Paper Writing

The world where we live in is so much different from the time when we still do not have the present technology. It is safe to say that most of these advancements are helpful to us but still, there are some which are not. If you decide to write technology topics for research paper about technology, always make sure to choose the topic which has an impact to your readers. The inclusion of the pros and disadvantages will also be worth it. Here are some topics to choose from:

  • Censorship – The transfer of technology with this technological advancement has created a lot of controversy. You may want to include the past about entertainment censorship as well as the present with the online censorship.
  • Dependency On Computer Technology – Almost all institutions have depended with the computer technology. That includes transportation, health care, law enforcement units and others. Try to look at the improvements which the technology has brought which such dependency.
  • Social Networking – As we all know, social interaction has significantly changed because of social media. Communication is now easier locally and even internationally. Write something about the impact which the social media has brought to our lives particularly in dealing with other people.
  • Education – With the advanced technology, access to education has become easier. In the past, students would need to be physically present in school for his attendance to count and for him to take part of their class. Today, the classes can be held online. No need to travel to be present since mere interactive presence would suffice. Write about the impact on the students’ performance particularly with those attending their classes online.
  • News – The distribution of information has significantly improved. People can be updated whenever they want with just some clicks on their computer. There is no longer need to wait for the next news program or the next day’s paper. Discuss the advantages of having the online news platform in our everyday lives.

These are just some of the topics which you may want to explore. There are still lots of technology topics for research paper that are waiting to be written. Everybody knows the comfort and accessibility which the technology has brought us. These issues may seem to be too simple, but when we go deeper in it, we will find out that there are lots of complications that they have created. You can tackle them with your research paper.