The American Dream Essay

August 31, 2015

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Because the American dream is such a common theme in movies, plays, literature, and television, it’s no wonder that the American dream essay is so frequently assigned to students. The American dream is such a personal thing that most people define it in many different ways. For example, a new immigrant to the United States may have a different idea of what achieving the American dream means than somebody whose family has been in the states for centuries. All of these different points of view mean that there are a lot of a limitless number of ways to approach a what is American dream essay. If you are interested in writing a great essay on this topic, please stick around.  We’ll begin with some great topic ideas for your essay, and then we’ll continue on with a few essay writing tips.

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays Ideas about Making it in America

Do you have strong opinions about the American dream, and what it means to achieve it? Here are a few essay ideas that might help you get your point across.

  • Is the American dream something that young people simply do not appreciate?
  • Is there a specific group of people, or generation of people who worked the hardest to achieve the American dream?
  • Write an immigrants and the American dream essay. Persuade you readers on whether or not current immigration policies help or hurt the American dream.
  • Write a Great Gatsby American dream essay. Were the characters really pursuing the American dream, or were they simply pursuing excess.
  • Is it fair to judge how somebody works on achieving the American dream?

Descriptive and Narrative Essay Ideas on Achieving the American Dream

There are few things more interesting than a story about somebody fighting hard to achieve the American dream. If you have a story to tell, here are a few essay questions and ideas.

  • Think of a person in your community that has truly achieved the American dream. Write an essay describing their achievements.
  • Select a character from The Great Gatsby that you believe represents the pursuit of the American dream for that time period. Then write a descriptive The Great Gatsby Essay American dream.
  • Choose a life event or accomplishment that is universally believed to be part of achieving the American dream. This might include getting a college degree, buying a house, or getting a job. Then, write an American dream for immigrants essay on what it would be like for an immigrant to achieve the American dream.

American Dream Essay Tips

If you are writing an essay on the American dream, the best advice that you can follow is to make sure that the passion and hard-work behind the pursuit of success is reflected in your essay. However, there are a few steps that you can take in addition to this to be sure that your essay is as impressive as possible. For example, you can pick a great essay topic (we hope we gave you some great ideas!). You can also research your topic thoroughly. Finally, you can contact for help on American dream essays, or any other college papers.