September 12, 2013

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Developing a Thesis

What is a Thesis?

In writing an academic paper for a given subject in study, you have to develop the main point of discussing the aim of your writing. This is what is known as a thesis paper. A thesis maybe a simply structured sentence or more but it must be specific rather than being general. A sample of subject areas and topics that may be used to developed a thesis include; homelessness the topic being its cause, famine the topic being its cause also.

Sample Thesis

One of the sample theses that we help you write includes; Famine has mainly resulted due to drought caused by weather adversity especially in marginalized areas. Weather adversity makes the land unproductive causing lack of food for both human beings and animals. To curb drought people have tried to use irrigation to make the land more productive.

A Good Example of a Thesis

Here at we normally advise that the topic should be very clear. In the above example the topic being the cause of famine, the thesis states that drought is the main cause.

The reader is then able to understand and have an expectation. It is a good thesis if it informs him of the cause of famine while the writing expounds more on it.

Does Every Paper Need a Thesis?

Yes every paper needs a thesis. It gives both the reader a guide on what your idea is and what the paper revolve on. You are then able to keep your paper relevant and not give ambiguous and irrelevant material. However different forms are used in writing thesis papers. There are those that are factual in nature and those that generally require arguing out convincing reasons.

An example is, searching for documents stored in a computer database based on the alphabet, date and size. It provides a guideline on what the paper is and specify it is searching for documents in a database. This is a different type of thesis compared to the one of famine that compares different factors.

Where Does the Thesis Belong In a Paper?

We strongly urge you that your thesis should be at the beginning of the paper; it is what gives guideline to the readers as they go through the paper. It would be quite illogical to put the thesis at the end or middle of a paper as it would not serve its purpose.

How Do I Develop a Thesis?

You are required to have an open mind while developing a thesis by reading wide from books or online thesis from our page at Being creative can also prove to be quite necessary for your paper to be outstanding. The first thing is to identify the area of your study then choose a favorable topic especially one which you find to be quite intriguing. The thesis should be a problem solving idea.

From Thesis to Paper

As the thesis is supposed to reflect on your paper, it is advisable to let a second party like us to review and to prove whether it is relevant to the idea you have. Your thesis acts as a guide on planning the order in which you are to present your idea. After writing down the paper, you should review the thesis once more to see if it still fits the ideas. If it doesn’t you should change the dissertation before handing it over the paper.