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January 09, 2014

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How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is at the beginning of the thesis. Therefore is the most important part of a paper. It gives a clear introduction of what the rest of the paper is going to be like. It’s likely to give the reader an opinion even before they begin to read the body. The statement should therefore be written in clear language precisely and straight to the point. The thesis statement also gives the writers argument. It enables the reader to understand the students’ train of thought. The thesis statement may however be written as the last item when you are writing your work it may need to be adjusted as one is adjusting the topic of discussion.

A thesis statement is normally presented after exploration and investigation. It is therefore defendable by presenting proofs acquired after exploration. The writer is able to present their arguments based on solid proof acquired. It answers questions about why the writers’ argument is most persuasive as well as giving a clear guideline on what the argument truly is.

An example:

An analysis on the admission of students in the university indicated that most students on government sponsorships were bright but needy students. This is good thesis statements

that aim to identify the major social and financial problems that come with being a needy student at the university. Secondly it aims to create awareness about these various problems and finally provide some guidelines on how to help solve these problems. A good student follows this approach to the end of the thesis. You must then present several evidences to support this claim for whenever one is challenged to defend their argument. Of course people being subjective will question and challenge your thesis but you as the writer must have researched effectively for its defense.

A thesis statement

is not a statement of a fact. In fact it states an argument that is subject to thorough research. Secondly it is not statement of a person’s opinion. The reason being people’s opinions are closed minded, subjective and based on particular persons experiences. This means that they cannot be verified through research and analysis.

Before one can proceed there are several thesis writing activities for writing good thesis statement there several things to check on:

That the thesis statement goes with the body. If not one of the two has to be adjusted. You may adjust the whole body of your thesis to match with the stated thesis statement or finish your thesis to finalize with the thesis statement to ensure they conform.

When writing the thesis one must also ensure that you do not take an argument that most people are likely to dispute or oppose. It must at least conform to some standards within the society. If it’s too opinionative then the proofs to support it must be plentiful and valid. The thesis statement in most cases doesn’t always resemble the body of the thesis. The reader must always read with the aim of counterchecking on the quality of the document. This in no way put pressure on the writer as they will always understand the document’s content.