Things Fall Apart Essay

June 03, 2015

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Techniques for Writing an Essay on Things Fall Apart

Maybe you have been assigned to write a Things fall apart, or perhaps you were asked by an educator to write an essay about a novel of your choice that had a great deal of meaning to you. Either way, you are now facing the challenge of writing an essay on things fall apart. How you will proceed depends on the types of things fall apart essays you are going to write, and your selection of things fall apart essay topics.

First we will go over several topic ideas for essays about things fall apart. For your benefit, we will list several essay types along with several related essay questions and writing prompts.

Things Fall Apart Analysis Essay Topic Ideas

Analyze the relationship that Okonkwo had with his daughter Ezinma
Write an analysis essay on the impact of tradition on Okonkwo’s actions

Things Fall Apart Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

Write a persuasive essay on whether or not a person is truly evil if they murder another person due to cultural pressures
Defend or oppose the following idea: The district commissioner was the one truly evil character in the novel

Things Fall Apart Critical Essay Topic Ideas

Was the author successful in making Okonkwo a sympathetic character?
Was the author’s use of religious symbolism (such as the number 7) too obscure?

Things Fall Apart Culture Essay Topic Ideas

Explore the fact that the culture Okonkwo adhered to and loved abandoned him and left him isolated.
Write an essay comparing changes in Okonkwo’s culture with changes in yours. Do all cultures on some level designate people as relics and leave them behind?

Things Fall Apart Themes Essay Topic Ideas

Explore the theme of misogyny in Things Fall Apart. Why was Okonkwo so sexist in general, yet respectful of strong women in specific instances.
Explore the theme of religion in Things Fall Apart.

The Complicated Process of Writing a Paper on Things Fall Apart

When writing an essay on any subject, you will face many difficulties. Some of these difficulties are technical in nature. You must take notes, read the required material for comprehension, write your outline, and write your rough draft. You must also adhere to the citation format given with your assignment, and you must write the number of words and paragraphs required. Other difficulties are more personal in nature. You must have the time to write the essay, and you must have a lack of distractions getting in your way. However, when you write an essay on Things Fall Apart, there are more things to be considered. Are you prepared to write an essay about a story in which the protagonists and antagonists are not clearly defined? Are you able to be objective when writing about a culture whose practices seem so different from your own? Do you believe that you can successfully complete an essay on such a complicated topic? These are all important things to consider before proceeding.

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