Title page for research paper

January 28, 2014

Content blog title page for research paper

In crafting the title for research paper, you must keep in mind the potential objectives for the title you select. It is necessary that your title:

  • Defines the content of your submitted paper
  • Differentiates the paper from other topics that might be similar
  • Lures the interest and attention of the reader/examiner
  • Matches the search categories and queries so that people can easily locate your paper.

It is important to keep in mind that nowadays research papers are getting more and more electronic published and may require search, hence, the last point advises in favor of it. The above mentioned points define the vitality of titles for research paper and a creative title always catches the reader’s attention.

The Importance of a title page in a research paper

The first impression on the paper checker is made with the help of the title page for a research paper. Suppose, you write a great research paper but if your title page is not there or carelessly made, then it will leave a messy and effortless impression on the teacher or examiner. This will allow them to look for mistakes in your report rather than keep an open mind towards the good work you have submitted.

Why do you need a title page?

Usually teachers require particular and formal information on the title page of research paper. If so then remember to provide the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of the class
  3. Title of your project/assignment/research topic
  4. Name of your teacher
  5. Date of turning in the project
  6. Period of your section

A few general guidelines concerning personal style are also to be kept in mind such as:

  • Use of one or two fonts only
  • Choosing a font that is easily read and clear
  • The titles for research papers should be on top
  • The content should not be too distracting and confusing overloaded with diagrams

Below is a sample of a research paper title page:

  • Name of the school should be given about two to three inches below the top of the page
  • The “title page” research paper should be placed on top
  • Its’ title should be two inches below the name of the school
  • Double space should be given between title and subtitle if you have made a subtitle.
  • If there is a subtitle, then 11/2 inches space should be there between itself and the degree title.
  • Your name and the degree title should have a space of 11/2 inches
  • Double space should be given between your name and “BY”
  • Name and date should also have a double space in between.


Title page of research papers leaves a good impression on the teacher that the assignment submitted by the student has actual effort put in it. At times, if your report is submitted with careful details and neatness, then the examiner is likely to give you grace marks in case your content is not sufficient or relative to your research topic.