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September 13, 2013

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It’s Definition

When you enter into college you will be required to write essays on many different occasions. This is a task that most of you find demanding given the different kinds of essays that are there. But first, you ought to know what an essay is. An essay is some kind of a write up articulating some form of thoughts that are organized through a statement which may be direct. What you need to understand is that academic essays vary in length. There are these essays that will have a minimum of 500 words whereas others may be of two pages.

Essay types

Writing an essay is a task based on different kinds of them. They include the persuasive, argumentative, expository and the descriptive essays. For you to understand each and every type of the essay outlined above, it will be important to discus each type individually, nut in this context, it is important to divide them into two categories that is, the formal and informal/personal essays.

Personal essay

This is some kind of writing essay in which you are allowed to express your feelings. You will be in a position where you express your point of view to your readers. In the formal kind of an essay, you will try to make sure you have convinced your readers that you have a valid point. This will be through the use of evidence to support your idea, often written in a given manner or format, unlike the high school essay writing. Of importance is that there are instances when your instructor will demand for your perspective in the formal essay, but that will be if it is important.

Deciding on the topic

It happens to be the very first and important step that you have to originate an idea or a subject, then you will have to discuss. But you also ought to think about how the idea will be broken down and ensure it fits within the 500 words limit. You will also have to think about the perspective or the approach that you feel is the best in as far as writing good essays is concerned. If you learn how to compress the idea but leave it more coherent, then you are on safe mode.


This is the epicenter of your argument. This is the one that tells the audience what you are going to discuss as well as the approach that you are going to consider. It must be a grammatically correct sentence which happens to be specific, straight and straight to the point. You also ought to consider brevity in so far as your thesis is concerned, and should also be somewhat suggestive of how you are going to organize your thoughts. This has to be in order if you value writing a good essay.

Sourcing for Information

Imperatively, understand that once you have originated a concrete idea, you will not have to think of where you are going to source for your information that relates to your idea. You have to write an essay that is easily fathomable as well as one that is convincing to their readers. You also have to say something about the said essay. This is because you are the one who knows best, how the topic will be executed. Imperatively, if you want to add other information that you think will validate your point of view, libraries will always be a good source of your information. There are scholarly journals, periodicals that you can find in those libraries. The internet is another online library that you will use if you want to check on online essay writing. This is a form of supplement your idea. It will be very important for you to consider citation so that your work does not fall prey to plagiarism. Now if you have that in mind, the net step that you are going to think about is outlining.

Making an Outline

This is a form of enumerating your idea in a manner that you think will form a coherent essay. This will aide you in so far as your essay writing skills are concerned. So this gives you the opportunity to arrange your thoughts in a manner that creates logic. It is imperative for you to think of how you will make the introductory remarks of your essay, so to speak. It should be in line with your thesis statement. On the same note, the conclusion should be taken into consideration. It has to be concrete, and makes a summary of the main ideas and points. With an outline at hand, writing the essay will be just but a smooth sail.

You could take this kind of an organization:

The first paragraph

It is a kind of an entry point to the text body. It can be written in words that are not less than 50 to a maximum of 75. But this is not a limit in any way whatsoever. This is a fact that is verifiable even in any essay writing website. You introduce the topic of your discussion through a statement which is a general form. You will have to make sure that your reader will believe what you are just about to say. In any university essay writing, there is the importance of ensuring that your audience is convinced by your essay writings. You will have to state your thesis in this paragraph also.

The second paragraph

This is the paragraph that subsequently follows the first one. It is some kind of a first developmental paragraph that states the first aspect as said in the first paragraph. It requires you to give detailed facts explaining your idea as well validating your argument and point of view. In writing English essays, you will have to use a language that is more understandable to your audience. It will be also important to use examples as a way of developing your support evidence.

The third paragraph

This is the second paragraph that is developmental. This is where the second aspect of your topic will rest. You will start by outlining it and then proceed to give ideas as well as opinions that will act as support to your argument. Just like the other paragraphs, you have to use supporting evidence to validate your point of view. Going by what you might get from essays writing online, it will be important to follow some of their examples because there are many college writing tips that you may find there. You might have experienced a different kind of teaching essay writing in high school, but this one is somewhat different given its length and the time allocated. This paragraph can go up to 150 words.

The fourth paragraph

This is the third paragraph with a developmental manner of the third aspect of your topic. Factual details that pertain to your idea will be used as supporting evidence. It is also a paragraph which can go up to 150 word limit. In ever essay paper writing, you ought to know that your ideas must be in a way that they cues each other, this will create a coherent flow, where essay writing becomes way less challengeable, so to speak. you are not limited in any way to look for models from uk essay writing, that can help you develop a flow that is more convincing as well as make you better in creative writing essays. You also ought to make sure that you have exhaustively discussed what you intended in this paragraph. This is a good essay writing skill that if developed, it will yield good results every time that you are supposed to have creative essay writing.

The fifth paragraph

This is the final paragraph that puts your essay in summary form. It is the paragraph that you outline the major point in your essay. At this juncture, you are supposed to ensure that you have achieved your thesis statement goal, which is proving the three aspects of your thesis statement. This paragraph may have 50 words on the minimum and a maximum of 75 words. Skills in creative writing essay require s you as the author to remain relevant in your discussion throughout the copy. Unlike essay writing for high school students when they do not have to go the extra mile of searching for supportive evidence, in college you have to ensure that everything is in line with what is required.


There are those words which point out to the reader, the movement from one sentence to the other or from one idea to the next. The use of these words should be limited because they tend to kind of make the essay less strong. In any essay writing paper, you will not lack the use of these transitional words which include for example, therefore, consequently and many more. Make sure that they sparingly appear in your essay. It will be very important for you to make that consideration when writing English essays, so that they do not cost you good grades.

Planning and material collection

Once you have your idea ready, make preliminary reading. This will be important because it will help you make a better plan as to where and how you are going to source your information. You will have the option to check the electronic media as well as libraries for anything that you require in terms of information. In writing good essays, you require consultations. English essay writing will also require you to have a good understanding of the language. This is because you are not essay writing for kids. It will be very important to verify different meanings of different words with respect to the context at hand.

Focus on the topic

Ensure that you have fully understood what you have been asked in the essay. In so far as writing mba essays is concerned, it is important to take note if you have been asked to make a contrast, persuade or make a comparison. You do not want your essay writing thesis to be deemed incompetent by your lecturer, so you have to ensure you have all instructions in your mind. Focusing on the topic is important for it will be useful when writing my essay.

The writing process

This is where most of the students find hardships. It will be important for you to seek essay writing UK services that will make you have the green light as to how you will formulate your first paragraph. In writing essay paper, it is not a must that you have to start with the first introductory paragraph. Just jot down what you have in different stages and compare the parts later when joining them. For essays on writing skills, it is a matter of making sure you have the right format. If you paid essay writing service, then make sure all the necessary requirements are adhered to.