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September 13, 2013

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Step-by-step Guide to Writing an Essay

When you are issued with an essay as a writing assignment, there are important guidelines or in other words, steps to writing an essay that you should keep in mind so as to make sure that you have the right kind of writing. Well, when you are given the assignment, there is no doubt that the work has to be done, that is why you have to embrace yourself to the challenge and rise above any cause of fear. The first thing that possible crosses your mind is looking for essay writing examples that can guide you in your writing. This is a good idea and therefore getting a reliable source like SmartCustomWriting.com, will be a step a head into getting the work done.

Determine What Type of Essay It Is

In every bit of writing that you will need to do, the first thing that should be of your primary concern is what you are expected to do. At times you may be tempted to simply rush into getting an assignment done when you have not really understood what is expected of you. This normally leads to getting very poor scores in your writing. When it comes to essay writing, even before you rush to an essay writing company to give them your work, you need to understand what is it that you are supposed to do. There are a number of essays that you can write. For instance a narrative essay deals with essay writing topics that involve telling of stories. Other kinds includes, expository kinds of essays which involve carrying out analysis of a given topic, the argumentative essays, where you write to persuade the reader to have an opinion of something and finally the literal kind of writing that is about something you read. Any essay writing template is provided for you at SmartCustomWriting.com for a clear overview of what an essay entail.

Create an Essay Outline

This is your blue print in writing your paper. It involves arranging things in a chronological manner that will form the parts of your body. In order to have a clear of what is expected in the outline here at SmartCustomWriting.com we help you write essay writing tips; so as to help you form ideas in your mind of what you would like to write about. The outline involves first highlighting the topic that you would like to write about. Everything has to start at the beginning and you should not forget the topic as it is the one that guides you in your steps for writing an essay. Secondly, highlight all the important points that you would like to use in your arguments about the topic. Lastly highlight all the facts with their examples as well as any other statistical documentation that you may have to form your arguments.

Develop A thesis Statement

This is what informs the reader of your purpose of writing. It does not entail many topics for essay writing but it singles out and narrows your argument to explain of the main idea in your writing. It is centred on your main cause of choosing the topic and why you would go into the length of writing the thesis. The reader should only form one opinion in your writing. If you are writing a hook for an essay, then the hook should be all what the reader should only form an opinion that relates to a hook and not a hook plus a spade kind of argument. It is therefore critical to come up with a thesis sentence that complements all your steps in writing an essay. It does not need to be the very first thing that you will write in your paper but it should constantly be in your mind.

Introduce Your Topic

We normally advice you to be cautious of how you introduce your main ideas in your writings, it is very important to take note of how you introduce yourself as that forms the basics of judgement. Therefore in writings a research essay the introduction should form the flow of your argument as well as capture the reader’s attention of what you are writing about. It is very appealing when one reads your introductory part with a lot of curiosity to know of what you have written in the rest of your writing. You can capture the reader by writing essay questions that you have gathered from your research and support them with facts. This will keep the reader motivated to go on.

Write the Body of the Thesis

This is what forms the main part of your discussion. We normally ask you to review the points that you had made in your introductory part as well as in your short essay writing. For every point of discussion, you should aim at explaining the point in a single body paragraph. This will give you the room you need to explain other statistical data that you have come up with in your research. Essay writing prompts the reader to see your diverse view of the topic you are discussing. Therefore you need to support your arguments with facts as well. The body should therefore entail all the examples and statistical data that you have aligned in a chronological manner. This is the part that you may find very challenging and therefore seek help from writing essays for money service providers.

Present Your Conclusion

In order to come up with very professional essay writing at the end of the day, you need to also look at the details of your conclusion statement. You have to summarise your arguments and keep the reader informed of your main purpose of writing. When you seek the advice of essay writing companies, like us, we normally advice you to write just a few sentences of your conclusion statement and explain using other words of your main points or topic. You have to learn that in your writing there will always be draft copies of the ideas you are trying to implement. It is therefore very important that you make them fit in a manner that the reader is able to understand. Even when you pay for essay writing, we usually follow through the same guidelines we are giving you.

Interactive Essay Writing Classes

You will come to realise that the skills that you learn in writing the various essay statements will be very important for you even later on in life. Therefore in writing essay examples, it is important to bear in mind that you will still need the given skills in writing marketing reports, business ideas, analysing various financial options and in many other fields. You should therefore follow the given guidelines in writing an essay; there must be

  • Your purpose or the main idea that you would want your reader to understand or come into the knowledge of
  • A topic or a title detailing your purpose of writing
  • The introductory part of your writing
  • The body of your writing that will compose of your research, examples, facts and arguments
  • Finally the conclusion statement that will briefly summarise your topic and the body of your writing in just few sentences

We will help you understand what is expected of you when you are expected to write an essay and what the key tips that you should master. What we teach you is the easy essay writing method that you do not need to worry much about. We will follow through the five points highlighted above and help you come up with a very interesting and captivating writing. We understand as an essay writing site of your concerns in dealing with the various assignments that you have of what would pose very hard challenges to you. Therefore we will highlight some examples that you can work with in your writing.

1. Purpose or the main idea

When you run to essay writing sites like us for help in coming up with an essay, we normally request you to tell us of what interests you most. This is what you should base your writing about as you can easily explain what it is that you are concerned about. Choosing the purpose of your interest should not be an option if you want a very captivating writing. Even when you come to us you should be looking to see to it that we have an example of essay writing that revolves around something that interests you. This makes it easier for you to not only edit your work later on but also to present it confidently to your tutors, without necessarily having to go back to an online essay writing service provider.

2. Title

We help you come up with a title that captures your main idea when you request us for essay writing assistance. The title need to have a verb that explains it. Some of the examples that you might come across in your daily newspapers, magazines and books include;

  • Africa Fights Corruption
  • Why Romeo Is the King of Capungala
  • How to Milk a Cow
  • Expect to Pay More Tax
  • The Use of Fibre Optic at the Coast
  • Why You Should Not Drive at Night

You can decide not to highlight your topic when you begin with and decide to write it last when you are done with your writing. Either way you have to make sure that it is in line with your main idea.

3. Introduction

The way you introduce your writing is important as well. Therefore before you panic and rush to writing essay online services, you should simply evaluate what it is that you are writing about. The main idea here is to capture the reader and hook them into reading your work. This part contains simple sentences that are designed to arouse the appetite of the reader. An example essay writing introductory paragraph would be

Careless driving claims more life than cancer and HIV infected cases country wide. If you drive, take care.

4. The body

This is where you tell all what you have researched on. It does not mean that you simply throw the facts and scatter your examples anywhere, but rather that you should stick to the flow of your story and explain chronologically of the points that you have to support your claims. These are a tricky part as you might be carried away in expressing a particular point and lose the main agenda of the topic for essay writing. Every point should be explained in a paragraph of their own and should not take too much of space. Therefore in order for you to improve essay writing skills, we normally encourage you to visit us at SmartCustomWriting.com and help you in coming up with a body of your essay that is very ideal.

5. Conclusion

Although this part seems negligible after you have done all the other bits of your writings, most of the examiners normally read the introductory part, skip the body and read the conclusion. This helps the examiner to develop an idea of what is it exactly that you wished to achieve and how best you were able to apply it. Therefore the examiners will look at the essay writing example in their column and decide what kind of marks they can award you.

Therefore the conclusion bit is as important as introductory part. You should therefore state in few lines your summary of your writing. By looking at some of the key points that you have highlighted in your work, you are able then to form a conclusion of what your main idea is all about. The conclusion is intended at closing your points of arguments; therefore you should not start or continue making any more arguments to support your agenda. It is fine to leave the topic still balancing on either side, just state your claim and conclude.

If you still feel that you are not in position of following all the details explained, you can visit us at SmartCustomWriting.com and we will be glad to help.